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Chair of Quantum Mathematical Physics


Welcome to the Chair of Quantum Mathematical Physics. We conduct research on mathematical aspects of various branches of contemporary theoretical physics. Of our particular interest are formal features and exact results in quantum field theory – and among others in its incarnations, such as conformal, integrable, and topological quantum field theories – which arise in condensed matter, quantum information, high energy physics, quantum gravity, string theory and M-theory. We analyze quantum integrability and strongly correlated quantum systems, entanglement measures and computational complexity, and try to understand how gravity geometry emerges from quantum information. Of our interest are matrix models and topological recursion, as well as links between physics, knot theory, and low-dimensional topology, and relations of all these systems to topological string theory.

Contact and address

Head of the Chair: prof. dr hab. Piotr Sułkowski

Chair of Quantum Mathematical Physics
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Faculty of Physics
University of Warsaw
ul. Pasteura 5, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland

tel. +48 22 55 32814, +48 22 55 32949
e-mail: psulkows [at] fuw.edu.pl


[Members of our Chair (with a guest) – click the photo to enlarge]

Our contact details can be found here

Faculty members

  • dr hab. Paweł Caputa
  • dr hab. Miłosz Panfil
  • prof. dr hab. Jacek Pawełczyk
  • prof. dr hab. Piotr Sułkowski
  • prof. Tomasz Taylor (collaborating under Nawa Professorship grant, 2023-2026)

Senior researchers

  • dr hab. Nikolai Iorgov


  • dr Adam Bzowski
  • dr Oleksandr Gamayun
  • dr Dongsheng Ge
  • dr Sinong Liu
  • dr Felipe Taha Sant’ana

PhD students

  • Jan Boruch
  • Pedram Karimi
  • Maciej Łebek
  • Dimitrios Patramanis
  • Souradeep Purkayastha
  • Abhigyan Saha
  • Yurii Zhuravlov

MSc students

  • Jacek Kenig
  • Artur Strąg

Former members (affiliated after January 1, 2022)

  • Helder Larraguivel (PhD student, 2016-2023)
  • dr Aditya Bawane (postdoc, 2020-2023)
  • dr Kento Osuga (postdoc, 2021-2022)
  • Michał Bączyk (PhD student, 2021-2022)
  • Shi Cheng (PhD student, 2019-2022)
  • Dmitry Noshchenko (PhD student, 2017-2022)

Research groups

Quantum Information in Quantum Gravity

Principal Investigator: dr hab. Paweł Caputa
Our main goal is to explore quantum gravity using quantum information. Our current focus is on developing quantum information tools such as entanglement measures and computational complexity in quantum field theories and using them to understand how gravity geometry emerges from quantum information.


Strongly Correlated Systems and Quantum Integrability

Principal Investigator: dr hab. Miłosz Panfil
Our primary interest is in the field of strongly correlated quantum systems and quantum integrability. We are also interested in mathematics and physics at the intersection of quantum groups, knots theory and topological string theory.


Quantum Fields and Strings

Principal Investigator: prof. Piotr Sułkowski
We conduct research in formal aspects of quantum field theory, topological string theory, matrix models and topological recursion, knot theory and knots-quivers correspondence. We are interested in interrelations between these topics and still some other related problems.


Quantum Singularities in Holographic Models

Principal Investigator: dr Adam Bzowski
My goal is to explore the structure of quantum black holes and cosmologies. I want to deliver new cosmological predictions based on holography and investigate the structure of the space of states of quantum black holes.


COST (European Cooperation in Science & Technology)
“Fundamental challenges in theoretical physics”
Country representative: Prof. Piotr Sułkowski

“Quantum geometry and BPS states”
Principal Investigator: Prof. Piotr Sułkowski

“From a broken integrability to thermalization in quantum many-body systems”
Principal Investigator: dr hab. Miłosz Panfil

NAWA Professorship
“Holographic description of fundamental interactions”
Principal Investigator: Prof. Tomasz Taylor

NCN – Sonata Bis
“Quantum information in quantum field theories and holography: dynamics and complexity”
Principal Investigator: dr Paweł Caputa

NAWA – Polskie Powroty
“Holographic geometry and quantum information”
Principal Investigator: dr Paweł Caputa

University of Warsaw – Mobility grant for PhD students, ZIP
For research visit at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and collaboration with Prof. Sergei Gukov
Spring 2023
Grantee: Pedram Karimi

University of Warsaw – Student mobility grant, IDUB
For research visit at Kyoto University and collaboration with Prof. Mayuko Yamashita
Spring 2023
Grantee: Jacek Kenig

Simons Collaboration
“It from Qubit”
Alumnus Investigator: dr Paweł Caputa

NCN – Sonata
“Dynamic correlation functions of integrable models in and out of the equilibrium”
Principal Investigator: dr Miłosz Panfil

Foundation for Polish Science – Team
“Random matrix models: from biomolecules to topological recursions”
Principal Investigator: Prof. Piotr Sułkowski

“Quantum singularities in holographic models”
Principal Investigator: dr Adam Bzowski

NAWA – Ulam programme
“Non-equilibrium dynamics in quantum and classical one dimensional system”

Principal Investigator: dr Oleksandr Gamayun

Fulbright – STEM grant
“Unifying quivers and BPS states”
Principal Investigator: Prof. Piotr Sułkowski


String Theory Journal Club
A regular seminar of our chair
Tuesday, 12:15, 5.42 lecture room

Exact Results in Quantum Theory & Gravity
A regular seminar at the Faculty of Physics
Friday, 14:15, 1.40 lecture room

Theory of Duality (Teoria Dwoistości)
A regular seminar of KMMF
Thursday, 10:15, 2.23 lecture room

Gravity, Quantum Fields and Information
Joint online international seminar
Tuesday, 15:00, online

Topological Recursion and Integrability Seminar
Online international seminar on topological recursion and integrability
Thursday, 15:00, online

Western Hemisphere Colloquium on Geometry and Physics
Online colloquium on geometry and physics aimed at a broad audience
Monday (biweekly), 21:00, online


Advanced school on asymptotically flat spacetime and celestial holography
August 28 – September 1, 2023
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw

May 19-20, 2023
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw

String Math 2022
July 11-15, 2022
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw

7th Warsaw School on Statistical Physics
June 26 – July 2, 2022
Sandomierz, Poland

Jobs and positions

Postdoc positions
Positions in the project “Quantum geometry and BPS states” (grant OPUS funded by the National Science Centre). Host and Principal Investigator: Prof. Piotr Sułkowski.
Deadline for applications: September 1, 2023.

Acknowledgements and funding